Our ambassadors are the best. Some of them are writers. Some of them are photographers. Some of them are just interesting people that we like to try and help out as they ramble around North Georgia. They are nice and talented folks and we think you might enjoy getting to know them and finding out about their “day job”.


Murphy is an outdoor and astral photographer based out of Dalton, Georgia. Murphy’s photos have been featured by Atlanta Trails, Georgia State Parks, News Channel 9, Good Morning Chattanooga, and more. Murphy loves nothing more than to be sitting outside under a sky full of stars waiting to see what his long exposure captured. If you see a random guy with a camera on the side of the road at midnight, odds are, it’s Murphy.

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Ross and Katie met while working at ESPN in Connecticut, and ended up in a long distance relationship. While dating long distance Ross and Katie would go adventures whenever they were together for a weekend — from vineyards, to waterfalls, to mountain hikes. Now they are both settled in Georgia — Ross a Georgia native and Katie entirely new to the state. Together they are adventuring all across North Georgia to see as many waterfalls and beautiful sights as they can.



Hello I am Scott Padgett, I am an avid amateur astronomer, astrophotogropher and certified NOAA / Skywarn storm spotter and chaser. Most nights you can catch me lying under the stars counting shooting stars and satellites as they pass by.



When she’s not pouring locally grown coffee in Helen, you can find Jordan on the trails with her camera in hand. Thriving in the Sautee Nacoochee Valley with her hubs in their tiny cabin, Jordan enjoys photography, learning Spanish, writing, and marketing for Yonah Coffee. She didn’t grow up in the mountains but as the saying goes, she “got here as fast as she could!”



What is our Ambassador Program? Great question.

Ambassadors are people who are passionate about North Georgia’s beautiful mountains and who love sharing their thoughts, experiences, and reflections on their “wanderings”. Some of them are local while others are just passing through, but they all embody the spirit of what we’re trying to create with this community.

So how do you get to be an Ambassador? Glad you asked. We’re looking for amazing people who want to help shape this community, write profiles on their favorite spots, and tell some good stories along the way. We typically choose people who can serve as Ambassadors for a season, i.e. Winter, Summer. During that time, they contribute written and photographic content for our website as needed.

If you are selected to become an official Ambassador, we have some perks that will be sharing with you as a small token of our appreciation for your contributions. If we like your application, we’ll reach out with more details about what these perks are, at which point you can make a decision about whether being a seasonal Ambassador is a good fit for you or not.

To be as up front as possible, we are looking for people who have the ability to contribute at a high level as writers AND photographers. While we have only been around for a year, really we’re still a “start-up”. So we are only able to collaborate with a few special individuals at this time. Thank you in advance for your understanding and your patience with us if you don’t get selected the first time around. We still think the world of you and appreciate you taking the time to apply.

NOTE: Please DO NOT apply unless you are prepared to attach a writing sample AND photos. We receive over 20 applications a month so the selection process is going to be weighted towards people who take the time to fill out ALL of the fields below. Your application will not be considered if you just send us one sentence about how you want free stuff and think we’re cool. I hate to state the obvious but half of the applications sent in are like this. We’re still flattered . . . but you know . . .


What is your full name?

And your email?

What city do you live in?

What is your Instagram name?

Please list any links to your website, blog or portfolio.

If you don't have a website, please upload a relevant writing sample here in PDF format.

Please attach 3 outdoor photos to help give us a feel for your photography skills.

Please list 3 potential story ideas that you would like to write about and photograph.

Why do you want to be an ambassador for Wander North Georgia?