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Frequently Asked Questions

Does each person coming have to pay $50?

No. You only need to pay $50 per tent spot. The $50 ticket price gets you a 15’x15′ spot to place your tent. So you only need to purchase one tent space even if there are multiple people staying in the tent with you.

What if I can only camp for some of the nights and not all 3 nights?

No problem. We’ll be sending out a more detailed survey as we get closer to the event to make sure we’re aware of your check-in date. However, there is not a pro-rated ticket price. It is $50 per space/tent whether you come for just 1 night or all 3 nights.

Can I bring my friends?

Yes! We hope that you do! You can bring as many friends as you can fit into your tent. You’re only allowed 1 tent per 15’x15′ space. So if you have more friends than can fit in your tent, we recommend they purchase their own 15’x15′ spot.

Is this a kid friendly event?

Yes. Kids are welcome.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately due to the size of this event and it’s location, pets are not allowed on this trip.

What size tent can I bring?

You are welcome to bring any tent that can fit in a 15’x15′ space and only 1 tent is allowed per space.

Can I sleep in my hammock or car?

Unfortunately for this event you must stay in a tent as hammock and car camping are not allowed.

Can I do camp cooking at my tent?

We will have a group fire pit that you can use to prepare any camp meals and you are also welcome to bring a camp stove for any cooking. Open fires are not permitted unless they are at the group fire pit. We will also be providing you recommendations on area restaurants and who will be passing along discounts to you.

Will there be bathrooms or showers?

Yes. We will have 8 portable toilets and portable sinks on-site. We will also have portable cold water camping showers available. Emphasis on portable and cold water. This will not be the Ritz.

Can I bring an ice chest?

Yes. There will not be any water, food, or alcohol for sale at the event as we encourage you to eat and drink with our friends throughout Rabun County. We will be providing a recommend list of places to eat and drink along with discounts offered to all participants.

Downtown Clayton is a short 2 minute walk away, multiple gas stations, an Ingles, and a 24 hour Wal-Mart.

Will my stuff be safe if I leave?

Absolutely. We will have off-duty police officers on-site for the entirety of the event.

Do I need to bring sunglasses or eclipse glasses?

You must wear eclipse glasses during the entirety of the event AND for 2 hours before and after to avoid long-term damage to your eyes. Each tent will receive (2) pairs of Wander North Georgia designed Eclipse glasses. Additional pairs will be available for purchase for $3.

Can I come for just a portion of the event?

Yes. You are welcome to come at any point between Friday and Monday. We will be sending out an email requesting more details as we get closer so we know who is coming and when they’re coming, but you are welcome to show up anytime.

Unfortunately, there is not a pro-rated price if you are only able to attend select days.

What happens if it rains?

The camping event will go on rain or shine. There are no cancelations or refunds.

When is registration, i.e. when can I show up and start having fun?

Registration will begin at 4:00p on August 18th.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately there aren’t any refunds for this event as listed on the ticket and in the FAQ. There a ton of fixed costs and we set it up to be a break even event so that we could make it as affordable as possible for you.