Our staff writers are the best of the best and are as passionate about telling the stories of North Georgia as we are. They write a little, they take photos a little, and they wander a whole lot. Their goal is to tell you about the best places to hike, eat, shop, and sleep all across North Georgia so be sure to check out the website and read some of their “wanderings” from all across the state.

I’m just another woman on a mountain with my camera. However, I’m seen as one of a kind in this day in age. I’m a woman, I’m a hiker and I’m a person of color and I’m on a journey to explore this beautiful planet we call home, and diversify the community of hiking, camping & outdoor living.

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We met while working at ESPN in Connecticut, and ended up in a long distance relationship. While dating long distance we would go on adventures whenever we were together for a weekend – from vineyards, to waterfalls, to mountain hikes. Now we are both settled in Georgia – Ross a Georgia native and Katie entirely new to the state. Together we are adventuring all across North Georgia to see as many waterfalls and beautiful sights as we can.


Georgia born and bred, I spent my summers at camp in North Georgia. On weekends, I lead women on hikes and am currently completing the Georgia 4000 challenge, hiking all 32 of Georgia’s 4K footers. I love documenting my adventures through GoPro video and my goal is to encourage others to explore the outdoors regardless of age, gender, race, or sexuality – the outdoors are for everyone.

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What is a STAFF WRITER and AMBASSADOR and how do I become one? Great question. But before you decide if you want to become one, let us tell you how it’s setup and then you can decide if it’s a good fit for you.

We don’t really have a traditional ambassador program like most outdoor companies. Our small business is distinctly rooted in a particular place and our passion is directly tied to telling the stories of the people and places that call North Georgia home. As much as we’d love to send out free product to our followers, our ambassador program revolves around the combination of written and photographic content for our website and blog.

We want our staff writers and ambassadors to be people who are passionate about North Georgia’s beautiful mountains and who love sharing their thoughts, experiences, and reflections on their “wanderings”. We’re looking for amazing people who want to help shape this community, write profiles on their favorite spots, and tell some good stories along the way. Specifically . . .

  • We ask our staff writers and ambassadors to commit to write a minimum of 1 article a month, a maximum of 2, or a total of 15 in a year. These can be on trails, restaurants, shops, places to stay, or more topical, lifestyle oriented stuff like tips or experience related reflections.
  • We ask that you commit to contribution for 6 months so we can build continuity with our audience
  • We ask that you pitch your ideas to us by the last day of the previous month.
  • We ask that each article be 800-1000 words
  • We ask that each article include 3-4 photos
  • We ask that you allow us to share the photos on social media, while we promise to give you credit for the words and photos while linking back to your social media

If you are selected to become an official Staff Writer and Ambassador, we have some perks and compensation that will be sharing with you as a small token of our appreciation for your contributions. If we like your application, we’ll reach out with more details about what these perks and compensation are.

To be as up front as possible, we are looking for people who have the ability to contribute at a high level as writers AND photographers. While we have only been around for 2 years, we really are still just a “start-up”. So we are only able to collaborate with a few special individuals at this time. Thank you in advance for your understanding and your patience with us if you don’t get selected the first time around. We still think the world of you and appreciate you taking the time to apply.

NOTE: Please DO NOT apply unless you are prepared to attach a writing sample AND photos. We receive over 20 applications a month so the selection process is going to be weighted towards people who take the time to fill out ALL of the fields below. Your application will not be considered if you just send us one sentence about how you want free stuff and think we’re cool. I hate to state the obvious but half of the applications sent in are like this. We’re still flattered . . . but you know . . .


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