One of our first Instagram followers over at @wandernorthga was Berney’s Original. Like we only had five followers and they were the sixth. Since then they have liked every single one of our posts as well as left all kinds of nice words. When I found out they are hand-crafted here in the North Georgia Mountains and since I have a big old unruly beard, I knew very quickly I’d have to get my hands on their Beard Butter.

First though, a couple of disclaimers.

If you don’t have a beard, don’t feel bad. It’s not for everybody. And while some bearded folks take it really seriously, most of us don’t. We like our beards like you like your smooth face. And like you, we areĀ not trying to make a point with our facial hair. We are not trying to be cool. We are not hipsters or lumbersexuals anymore than you are a male model or metrosexual. We just happen to prefer hair on our face at this point in time just like you prefer not to have hair on your face at this point in time. So let’s not tear each other down and make up dumb adjectives to go in front of the word -sexual in an effort to better justify our facial hair or lack thereof.

Rant over.

Let’s talk about the options out there when it comes to taking care of your beard and why you would even want to do so in the first place.

You basically have three options: beard oil, beard balm, and beard butter. They all have their advantages. And while the hardcore guys will use a different one depending on the occasion, don’t be afraid to keep it basic and use the one that works best for you. I’m biased towards butters and oils and after trying Berney’s Original, I’m even a bigger fan of butters than normal.

Beard oils are . . . you guessed it . . . oil. They mix in a little fragrance but their main goal is to soften the hair and moisturize your skin underneath all that hair.

Beard balms or wax are more akin to what you get with hair gels or waxes. Their primarily used if you have an unruly beard or get hairs shooting off every which way. They make my beard crunchy (like old school hair spray) though so I’m not a fan.

Beard butters are my go-to because they give your skin and hair a little more nourishment. Especially with the 100% all natural buttersĀ that Berney’s uses. Butters keep your your beard soft and your skin moisturized whether you’ve got a big old robust beard or just a bit of stubble.

Berney's Original Beard ButterBerney's Original Beard ButterSo now that you’ve got a proper breakdown of things let’s talk about Berney’s Originals. Their butter is just plain good. It comes in a little 2oz. container and if you use it every day, should last you just under 2 months. I tend to go for the less is more approach and just run two fingers through it and gather up a little over a dime sizes worth. My beard is about 8 inches long so you may want to adjust up or down and find out what works for you. You simply rub it between your hands and then just rub it through your beard. Nothing scientific to it all. I just try to rub my hands through it until I feel like I’ve almost touched every hair. When that’s done, I just sort of pat it down around the size and give it some shape. This helps me get rid of all of those stray hairs that run off in every direction and make me look like a murderer.

The smell on Berney’s is fantastic. I’ve always used lightly scented stuff. My go-to are my friends at Pale Blue Dot Soap and they have some nicely scented options named after badass men like Hemingway, Drogo, Offerman, Darwin, and Blackbeard. Barney’s is an original scent and I was pleasantly surprised at how plain, yet great smelling it was. Just smelling the butter by itself, I didn’t smell much of anything. But once I ran it through my beard I got all kinds of good smelling stuff, particularly some sort of very faint cocoa bean smell.

The biggest reason I use butters and oils on my beards is to keep it from getting tangled. Living in the South, the humidity is so high that usually by noon, my beard is a rat’s nest and I can’t run a comb through it without ripping 50 hairs. In this area, Berney’s is one of the better products I’ve ever used as my beard was tangle free all day long, even after working outside on an overcast and foggy day with plenty of humidity.

Another huge positive is how their butter makes your beard look. Even when you’re not using oils, waxes, butters, and oils can leave your beard looking really shiny. This wasn’t a problem for me when trying Berney’s. I could definitely feel it when I ran my fingers through my beard, but I never felt like I need a towel to wipe my hands off which you feel like with some products.

All in all, Berney’s is a great product. Really well rounded and covering all aspects of what you need when trying to take care of your beard. If you’re a beard lover or lover of ones with beards, this is a great product to try or pass along to them. You can purchase it directly through their online store, at Mountain Crossings (read our review here), or at Outside World Outfitters.