graphic_bringabag_largeBoggs Creek Recreation Area is a small primitive day use area south of Mountain Crossings (read our profile), Blood Mountain, and Desoto Falls on US 19. It used to serve as more of a campsite area but due to some new regulations with from the Forest Service regarding camping in flood zones (trust us, it’s complicated) it no longer serves as a campground and now is better suited to picnicking and fishing.

After being shut down for a few years for timber salvage, the area is now back open from sunrise to sunset every day of the week, but does remain closed to all camping.

This is a day use area but there is no fee for parking. About a mile in there is a parking area and then the road forks off into two separate trails. The one to the left goes off and hugs the actual Boggs Creek that runs through the recreation area while the one on the right runs off and follows another small creek.

The creek to the right has a small water crossing immediately after the fork. It’s pretty shallow and most cars should be able to pass even if they have a low clearance. However the actual trail, especially the first mile going down to the parking area, is uneven in spots where the rain has washed out parts of the road so small cars may drag a little depending on how you approach it.

The Forest Service, in partnership with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, keeps Boggs Creek stocked with trout so it’s a great place for fishing. On weekdays you should have the place to yourself for fishing, but on the weekends we usually see 2-3 people fishing while we are there. You can read a better fishing report than we can offer here.

It is one of the clearest streams we have seen and it is surprisingly deep in some spots (3-4 feet) at times.

Unfortunately there aren’t many places to hike here although there are plenty of opportunities for river hiking or just lounging by the stream. Being that it is an old campsite, there are tent pads and fire circles but not much more. But there are plenty of places to string up a hammock or to picnic and as there aren’t any major waterfalls in the recreation area or places to hike, it is relatively quiet year round.

GPS: 34.679061, -83.895636.

DIRECTIONS: From Blairsville, GA take U.S. Hwy. 19/129 south for 20 miles to entrance on left. Entrance is indicated by a small brown/white sign located approximately 1/8 mile before the access road. From this direction, vehicles must make a hard left turn into the recreation area.

From Dahlonega, GA take Hwy. 19 north for 15 miles to entrance on right. Entrance is indicated by a small brown/white sign located approximately 1/8 mile before the access road