We’re a true family business made up of 2 couples, 5 kids, and a couple of dogs. Our employees are an immediate extension of our family and we are always looking to meet like minded people who can fit into our family  while helping to push our small business forward.

We are NOT currently hiring however you are welcome to fill out the application so that we can have it on file in advance of the next time we hire. Thanks for the interest and for taking the time to apply.


Responsibilities Include:

  • Your goal is not to ring customers out and keep our store from burning down, although that’s an added bonus and we’ll certainly thank you for it. But your main focus is to turn strangers into friends and create relationships with our customers so that they become advocates and promoters of our small business and brand.
  • Work in our retail store by engaging our customers, restocking product, answering questions for customers, and providing product information to shoppers.
  • Build relationships with customers that create an environment where new and returning customers feel welcome.
  • Serve as Wander North Georgia ambassadors and connect customers to the larger Wander North Georgia story and the people and places all across North Georgia who love this place as much as we do.
  • Maintain visual standards in the store and make sure the store is always looking as good as the day we opened.

Why You’re Right For This Job:

  • You love serving customers, meeting new people, and building community.
  • You care about stories and the people and places that make them up.
  • You are committed to making people feel comfortable in the Wander North Georgia store.
  • You have a good feel for the area and are able to make thoughtful recommendations about other places to shop, eat, drink, stay, and play.
  • You love engaging with people and use positivity to be engaging.
  • You are a pro at multitasking; you are able to hold a conversation while performing a task.
  • You can maintain attention to detail in a highly social environment.
  • You know how to balance multiple demands simultaneously and solve problems under pressure.
  • You love what we’re doing at Wander North Georgia and you can personally get behind our values of Community, Conservation, People, and Marketing along with maintaining a high level of professionalism and a spirit of creativity.


  • 18 years or older
  • Passion for customer service.
  • Must be able to lift up to 25lbs.
  • Must be able to work 3-5 days per calendar week; including weekends.
  • Must be located within 25 miles of Clayton, Georgia.

Salary + Benefits:

  • $12.00 per hour. We provide a schedule 30 days in advance. We also offer a steep discount on items in the store and an endless amounts of high fives.

What is your full name?

And your email?

And what about your phone number?

Are you over the age of 18?

What city do you live in?

Please list any time off requests you are already aware of.

Are you interested in working weekdays as we get into the busier summer months?

Why do you want to work for Wander North Georgia?

No need for a resume, but if you have any relevant background, experience, or expertise that you think would be beneficial to this position, please describe below?