We’re as good as the people. That’s what we believe at least. We can’t move forward, we can’t progress, we can’t do the right thing unless we the people believe it in our heart. I believe it. You believe it. We believe it. You know what I mean?

Hmmmm . . . I think of it like this. It’s what Noah and the Whale sing. You gotta give a little love to get a little love. It may end a thousand different ways but it can’t start without giving a little love. Once the gift is given it can be passed on and shared. On down the line it’ll roll and tumble. Like a heavy drop that forms an unstoppable river that runs on out into the wide and very old ocean.

We’re as good as the people and if we work toward the common good and practice goodness in small and large acts, it’ll all turn on that affection.

This is good music for sorting all this out.

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