Beginning in March of 2018, we will began donating 1% of our overall sales each month to local Rabun County non-profits so that our mission can support theirs. This is on our total sales and not profit so even when there are months that we are not profitable, we will still donate 1% based off our total sales each month. This is a helpful reminder to us to ensure that our community always comes first in our decision making.

When we first started our “brand” we never had any goals of opening a store. We simply began with the idea of trying to to tell the stories of the people and places that call North Georgia home. That loose framework has evolved into a platform that we hope continues to grow beyond a store. We count ourselves lucky and humbled and everything in between that locals from all across North Georgia and visitors from all across the state, the region, and beyond find us interesting enough to support our small business.

Now we’d like to help leverage that love to show our neighbors some love. The more we get plugged in and put down roots in our particular place of Rabun County, the more it has us trying to find ways to make the world a little bit easier on someone else.

With that in mind, each month, we will donate 1% of our overall total sales to the following local Rabun County non-profits.

Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to serve our community.


Through October 1st and thanks to your support we have been able to donate just under $12,000 in 2018 and in less than 2 years of business we have donated $22,841 with 99% of it going directly to Rabun County non-profits. We have done this through a combination of our 1% for Rabun County Initiative, in-kind donations, and additional contributions through request. As we continue to grow our small business we look forward to being able to find creative and deep ways to give back directly to our community.



The Rabun County Historical Society
The mission of the Rabun County Historical Society is to preserve, collect, organize and disseminate information about Rabun County’s past in order to further its understanding.


Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League
The Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League seeks to enable every 6th-12th grade student in the state of Georgia to strengthen body, mind, and character through the lifelong sport of cycling, in an equal and inclusive environment. The Rabun County Composite Team is made up of students from the Rabun County, Tallulah Falls, and Rabun Gap schools.


The Rabun County Band Boosters
The Rabun County Band Boosters supports the Rabun County Band students in grades 6-12. The Band Booster program consists of fantastic band parents and community members that are dedicated to continuing the legacy of The SUPERIOR Rabun County High School Band. Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, the band boosters will be working hard to raise money to purchase new marching band uniforms. Additionally, funds raised from all fundraisers and donations will be used to purchase new instruments, purchase sheet music, and repair instruments.


Friends of Rabun County Public Library
The mission of the Friends of Rabun County Library is to enhance the library’s programs and services by providing monetary resources and a base of dedicated and talented volunteers.


FAITH provides free and confidential services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse in Northeast Georgia. They do this through Shelter and Legal Services, Child Abuse & Sexual Assault Services, and a Thrift Store & Furniture Store.


Rabun County Fire Department
Rabun County Fire Services covers 361 square miles with 12 Volunteer Fire Stations, 200 Volunteer Firefighters, 17 Fire Engines, 11 Tankers, 11 Mini Pumpers, and 3 Fire Boats. 11 of the 12 fires stations are equipped with extrication tools and all stations have members who are medical responders.


Avita Partners Rabun Clubhouse/Fort Dreaming Tiger
The Rabun County Clubhouse is a mental health resiliency clubhouse, dedicated to helping children and families struggling with mental health issues to overcome the stigma and challenges that are part and parcel of a behavioral health diagnosis. To that end, we offer clinical support and non-clinical activities designed to provide structure and security that transcends the clubhouse environment, positively impacting social interactions, academic success, and creating emotional stability.


Food Bank of Northeast Georgia & Teaching Kitchen
The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia collects donated and salvaged surplus food and distributes it to human-service agencies that then distribute the food to residents in need. The Food Bank works with local, regional, state and national product partners to bring food into the community.


Rabun County Paws 4 Life
The mission of Rabun Paws 4 Life is to make a positive difference in Rabun County by providing a no-kill animal control and shelter to care for and protect animals from abuse neglect and abandonment. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards possible for the humane and compassionate treatment of all animals.


The Chattooga Conservancy
The mission of the Conservancy is to protect, promote and restore the natural ecological integrity of the Chattooga River watershed ecosystems; to ensure the viability of native species in harmony with the need for a healthy human environment; and, to educate and empower communities to practice good stewardship on public and private lands.